Entry #1

Spider Monkey's

2007-07-25 03:18:12 by TommyGun

NAME - Spider monkey

FAMILY - Cebidae
SCIENTIFIC NAME - Ateles geoffroyi

REFERENCES - 2 and 3

National abundance, Conservation or Economic Status Reference

Threatened throughout range 4
Hunted - subsistence or commercial 4
Cites I 3
Cites II 3
IUCN - Vulnerable 3

- Comments on Status

4* U.S. ESA - Endangered (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua). Threatened by
deforestation and fragmentation of range, hunting for meat--need large areas
of unbroken forest for survival

District Reference

Belize 2
Cayo 2
Corozal 2
Orange Walk 2
Stann Creek 2
Toledo 2

Administrative Unit Occurrence Temporal Reference

Chiquibul Forest Reserve Permanent 7
Rio Bravo Conservation Area 6
Five Blues Lake National Park 5
Caracol Archaeological Reserve Sighting Dry season 8
Bladen Nature Reserve Sighting 11
Bladen Nature Reserve 10
Columbia River Forest Reserve 9
Blue Hole National Park Sighting Dry season 13
Gallon Jug Sighting 14

1:50,000 Quadrangle Reference

17 00' to 17 15'; 88 30' to 88 45' 13
16 45' to 17 00'; 89 00' to 89 15' 8
16 45' to 17 00'; 88 45' to 89 00' 7
17 45' to 18 00'; 89 00' to 89 15' 6
17 00' to 17 15'; 88 30' to 88 45' 5
16 15' to 16 30'; 88 45' to 89 00' 11
16 15' to 16 30'; 89 00' to 89 15' 9
17 30' to 17 45'; 89 00' to 89 15' 14

General Distribution Comments

12* "guides indicated that they had never seen spider monkeys in the
region," Prasco Ha camp, Columbia FR
11* "one sighting of a small group"
9* per Mopan Maya last seen "15 years ago," now extirpated
2* A. g. yucantanensis all districts except Toledo; A. g. vellerosus in
Toledo Dist.
5* "2 spider monkeys seen in hills E of Darknight Cave"
6* "looked like vellerosus rather than yucatanensis," 0.57 to 3.80
groups/km2 as compared to .16 groups/km (Hubrecht 1986) in the Chiquibul


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2007-07-25 03:18:47

Spider Monkey


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